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Kindle DX Drops to $379!

I know that $379 is still a big bite for a lot of us, but seeing Amazon drop the price of its larger format Kindle DX from $489 to $379 is an encouraging note following some dramatic price wrangling between the leading eBook Readers: Kobo eReader, nook and Kindle 2… This story at The Tech …

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iPad offers more than the iBookstore.

ZDNet’s Jason Perlow gives us a complete rundown of eBook Reading APPs available for Apple’s iPad in a post entitled “Apple iPad Showdown: Battle of the eReader Apps.” A very thorough article and a must-read for iPad or iPhone users. The iBookstore is not the only game in town.

Que ProReader Missing in Action?

eWeek has a post that suggests the long-awaited Plastic Logic Que ProReader may be held back from release once again. (Actually, it’s taking so long to launch that pre-orders are starting to cancel out.) I agree with the article and think that this is a response to a brand new marketplace, the arrival of the …

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eBook Revolution the New Normal?

Rafi Mohammed, Ph.D. of The Huffington Post has declared eBooks the official future of digital publishing. Read his article here to judge for yourself if his reasoning is sound. It’s been a whirlwind year, and the recent developments are very promising, but do  you think it’s too early to declare a win for eBooks? I’m …

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iPad Sales Top 3 Million

Mashable posted that iPad Sales Topped 3 Million units since it first went on the market less than three months ago. I mention this because it stands to reason that this is the likely motivation for the sudden price war between eBook Readers like Kobo, nook and Amazon Kindle. Since there is clearly a healthy market …

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Borders offers $20 gift card with Kobo eReader Purchase

Bloomberg Businessweek posted a story about Borders Group Inc.’s offer of a $20 gift card with the purchase of the Kobo eReader. The device is one of Borders’ Good, Better, Best Selection that includes the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro ($119.99) and two Sony Readers. Kobo eReader’s industry-low $150 price was passed Monday by Barnes and Noble’s economy …

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Then Amazon Kindle 2 Drops in Price to $189

I’m sure they’ll say they thought of it first, but Amazon has now dropped the price of their Kindle 2 eBook Reader with Whispernet 3G from $259 to $189 hot on the heels of Barnes & Noble’s nook dropping in price to $149 for its WiFi-only nook and $199 for its 3G WiFi nook. Read …

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The Barnes and Noble nook for $149

Looks like Barnes and Noble is making another exciting move marking the price of their nook down to $149 while offering an optional $199 3G model. This will absolutely heat things up this summer, and I can’t help but think this is the work of Kobo’s $150 E Ink eReader. The $149 nook doesn’t just beat …

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Kobo Now Available Everywhere

The Financial Post has a story about eReading platform Kobo announcing their services now extend to any Android-enabled smartphone. On top of a desire to share their eReading experience anywhere on any machine, their open standards allow customers to access and read their selections on any device. When linked to their $150 eBook Reader, Kobo …

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Has Google Editions Won the eBook War?

Many thanks to our friend Jorgen who provided a link to an interesting discussion over at about the future of eBooks on the web and the trouble with DRM. The post by Tom Williams ponders whether Google Editions has already won the eBook war with their cloud-based eBooks versus the proprietary formats offered by Amazon, …

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