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The inkNote Color+ Tablet with 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 Color E Ink Display writes about the inkNote Color+ Android eReading tablet with new industry-leading 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 color E Ink display.

Hanvon N10 eNote 2023 Edition Launched

GoodeReader reports on the launch of the Hanvon N10 eNote 2023 edition.

Kindle eBook Handling Made Easy

SlashGear lays out the various ways you can move eBooks on and off your Kindle eReading device.

Link-Less Searches to Transform Online Marketplace

What’s New In Publishing has posted an interesting article on the impact of link-free searches on publishers. (Or more broadly … the impact of ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots on internet searches and commerce as a whole.) The Frankenstein element is growing in the lab right now!

Kindle Scribe Tablet Reviewed

Slash Gear reviews the Kindle Scribe Tablet.

A Helpful List of the Most Recent Kindle eReader Software Versions

The eBook provides a helpful list and links to the most recent Kindle eReader software versions.

Bigme Galy with Gallery 3 ePaper Display is the Ultimate

GoodeReader talks about the Bigme Galy with Gallery 3 ePaper display and describes it as the “ultimate color E INK tablet.”

Blank Screen Bug Bedevils Kindle eReaders

GoodeReader reports that Kindle eReaders are suffering from a blank screen bug. The story and a possible fix at the link!

Amazon Kindle Scribe eReader and eNote-taker Reviewed

Android Central offers up a comprehensive review of the Amazon Kindle Scribe eReader and eNote-taker.

The Best eReader and Tablet Stands for 2023

Android Police reports on the best eReader and tablet stands in the market. (It’s always about the accessories!)