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A growing list of web sites that sell eBooks. Pros and Cons...

Amazon and Google Building a Super-Tablet?

Okay, all eBook Revolution news links aside, this is the first really exciting RUMOR we’ve had here in a long time! VideoGamingPros ramps up the discussion around the rumored Android-Kindle Tablet, by suggesting its development could be a joint-venture between Amazon and Google. All this from Amazon’s mysterious Lab 126 posting a notice “looking to …

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J.K. Rowling considering a move to digital.

The Hollywood Reporter says Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling is getting ready to sign onto the eBook Revolution. She has giving lots of reasons in the past for dragging her feet, and now eBooks have given her about 100,000,000 reasons to get aboard. Now that post suggests Rowling’s involvement will change the eBook Revolution as …

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Uphill Battle for eBooks in Public Libraries

Jorgen dropped in with a link to an Information Today Inc. story about the hurdles public libraries face at the dawn of the eBook Revolution. It looks like an uphill battle with restrictions on lending, device compatibility problems, proprietary systems, interface and privacy issues to name a few.

eBook Revolution continues in Canada

The Vancouver Sun offers us a post on the BookNet Canada Tech Forum 2011 in Toronto where the publishing industry is embracing digital after years of fending it off with both hands. I get a kick out of that. A decade of resistance, and suddenly it’s an embrace.

More eBook Headlines

ReviewsofElectronics posted on Amazon’s announcement that Kindle books will soon have page numbers. Smashwords Founder, Mark Coker, shows us where eBook buyers live in a story at HuffingtonPost. BlogCritics reports on an Expert Panel discussion of eBooks, Digital Books and Apps. GalleyCat talks about a new eBook App that will let you incorporate Twitter conversations …

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More on eBook Pricing

Many thanks to our friend Jorgen for dropping off a link to The Digital Reader where a feature by Eric Landes takes a look at eBook prices and continues the search for digital publishing’s elusive pricing ‘sweet spot.’ An excellent read that many traditional publishers could learn from. (The eBook Revolution demands adaptation. Old business …

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Publisher raises Royalty rate for authors on eBook sales.

Publishers Weekly posts on publisher Other Press raising its author royalty on eBook sales from the industry 25% to a full 50% because they’re “an author-driven house.” In other words, this publisher is scrambling to remain relevant in a marketplace that is rapidly removing middlemen from the exchange between author and reader. With offering …

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Enhanced eBooks not selling…

Thanks Jorgen for this FutureBook story about the much-touted enhanced or interactive eBooks and their inability to gain ground against more traditional text on ePaper competitors. I think it’s too early to judge the long-term viability of these hybrids since the eBook Market is really only in its infancy, and the machinery is just coming …

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Free eBooks Encourage eBook Sales

The offers statistics that describe the trends driving eBook sales, and consumers are calling FREE titles an important factor in the deal.

The eBook Revolution continues to evolve… offers this post on Marc Parrish, VP of Retention and Loyalty Management for Barnes & Noble when he spoke at the Structure Big Data conference in New York. The article’s an excellent update as the publishing world goes digital, readers continue to adopt the technology and the eBook Revolution evolves.