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A growing list of web sites that sell eBooks. Pros and Cons...

Is there any hope for the paper book?

More doom and gloom for traditional publishing over at PCMag in a story called “The End of the Printed Book?” by John C. Dvorak. It must be the Easter holiday…has everyone wanting to pull the plug.

The Book in Death or Transformation?

Thanks Jorgen for a link to the Los Angeles Review of Books and a provocative article by Ben Ehrenreich entitled “The Death of the Book.” An excellent Good Friday read.

Kindle Library Lending Coming Soon.

DailyTech says Amazon will begin offering a new feature called Kindle Library Lending. (2011 Launch Date Pending.) The service will allow you to visit a participating library and check out an eBook that you can then read at home. The ‘borrowed’ titles will eventually expire but for their duration will allow you to read all …

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Writers Charge into the Indie fray…

A GoodeReader story updates us on the explosion of Indie authors taking advantage of the accessibility offered them by the eBook Revolution. There are so many ways for Indie authors to self-publish, that they’ve left the traditional publishers, agents and authors reeling. There’s a new game in town–not so exclusive–and the readers and writers are …

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More rumors of an Amazon Kindle Tablet

The rumors continue about a possible Amazon Tablet device designed to take on the Apple iPad head-to-head. Here is a post that suggests that if Amazon is working toward such a eBook Revolution confrontation, then they’re the only ones capable of taking on the formidable teaming of iPad and iTunes.

More about eBook Piracy

Thanks Jorgen for a link to this Futurebook story that calls into question some of the industry claims about eBook Piracy. In fact, if eBook sales are showing explosive, record growth, how is the rumored “rampant” eBook Piracy impacting it adversely?

Time to embrace the eBook Revolution

The Montgomery Advertiser expands on some of the pros and cons of the eBook Revolution as it enjoys its first year of moving into mainstream dominance.

eBook Sales continue to climb. Hardcovers continue to plunge.

Publishers Weekly reports on eBook sales figures continuing their skyward climb in February posting a 203% increase ($90.3 million) over AAP’s monthly estimate. The reverse side of the coin shows a 43% decrease in hardcover sales. And the eBook Revolution is just starting…

eBook Reader Preferences… posted the results of several polls conducted on eBook reader preferences. Some interesting statistics for a slow eBook Revolution news day.

$114 Kindle with Advertising

BBC News (and others) offers a story on Amazon’s launch of a cheaper, ad-subsidized Kindle eBook Reader. This device retails at $114, a full $25 cheaper than the current starter model. Advertisements for product and Amazon specials will be displayed under eBook pages and on the screen saver. I think this (called the “Kindle with …

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