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A growing list of web sites that sell eBooks. Pros and Cons...

Staples brings on the Tablets!

GottaBeMobile reports on Staple’s full adoption of the eBook Revolution and outlines the office supply giant’s embrace of the newest multifunction color tablets and eBook readers on the market. This kind of hands-on experience is the deal closer for consumers still reluctant about the relatively new technology and digital publishing trend.

Kindle with Notepad has a post on a new addition to the Amazon Kindle’s arsenal of added value. Now you can use it as a notepad. An interesting development that may hint at more multifunction in the days ahead. (Remember the Kindle Tablet rumor? Hmm.)

The best advice for Indie writers: Ignore the advice.

The Globe and Mail offers a story on one of the industries that has sprung up around the advent of first the Internet, and now the eBook Revolution, namely: writer advice websites. It seems that with Indie publishing poised to take over the expanding digital publishing world that writers want to make the best first …

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What does the future hold for books?

Singularity Hub’s Aaron Saenz offers a thought-provoking piece on the future of books. I’m in agreement with most of the post, but do think that ‘reasonable’ prices will do the same job that ‘low’ prices will. We’ll never get rid of eBook Pirates and file sharers, but we don’t have to encourage them with ridiculous …

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Battle Heats up on the eBook Technology Front

The eBook Revolution promises an exciting year on the multimedia, full-color tablet front as Sony announces its plans to bring not one but two new tablet-devices to compete in the market that is currently being dominated by Apple iPad. Read the full story at BBC. Added to the arrival of Rearch In Motion’s PlayBook and …

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Paper Purists versus the Digital Vanguard

A post at in California reports on another front in the eBook Revolution where Book Club members start to show where their true loyalties lie. Passions build on both sides of the digital divide.

eBook Piracy Battle Looming

Many thanks to Jorgen for a link to a story about the developing war on eBook Piracy. Again, one has to wonder how much it’s hurting business, since business is booming… The powers-that-be (or the powers-that-were) have to realize that similar to the case of digital music some eBook Piracy and file sharing might …

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Is there any hope for the paper book?

More doom and gloom for traditional publishing over at PCMag in a story called “The End of the Printed Book?” by John C. Dvorak. It must be the Easter holiday…has everyone wanting to pull the plug.

The Book in Death or Transformation?

Thanks Jorgen for a link to the Los Angeles Review of Books and a provocative article by Ben Ehrenreich entitled “The Death of the Book.” An excellent Good Friday read.

Kindle Library Lending Coming Soon.

DailyTech says Amazon will begin offering a new feature called Kindle Library Lending. (2011 Launch Date Pending.) The service will allow you to visit a participating library and check out an eBook that you can then read at home. The ‘borrowed’ titles will eventually expire but for their duration will allow you to read all …

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