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Pandigital’s Novel eReader Launches!

GoodeReader updates us on the release of the Pandigital Novel eReader, now available for $213 at QVC. This after a shaky start that involved a recall of units as problems with firmware cast the future of the 9″ full-color Android tablet in doubt.

iPad Newspaper on the Way!

Our friend Jorgen dropped by with a link to an interesting story at the that announces the upcoming release of the Daily, a digital newspaper designed specifically for iPad and similar devices. A brainchild of Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch, the Daily breaks new ground in several ways, most significantly in its adoption of …

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Consumer Backlash Against Publisher Agency Pricing Model

Thanks Jorgen for a link to a FutureBook update about the ongoing battle between publishers, retailers and consumers regarding the adoption of the agency pricing model in the UK. The publishers are trying to manipulate the market by over-pricing eBooks (often tagged over the price of hard covers) in an effort to maintain control of …

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A Record-Breaking eBook Shopping Season in Your Future

The New York Times offers an update on the shape of holiday buying to come, and it’s starting to look like an eBook Christmas. With the 2009 holiday shopping season focused on Kindle, Nook and Sony, shoppers this year can look forward to a wide selection of new eBook Readers and accompanying spectrum of prices …

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The New York Times to Offer eBook Elitism

Excuse my cynicism, but what has The New York Times ‘Best-Seller’ list done for the vast majority of writers out there but create a false elitist, New York-centered view of publishing? Anyway, MarketWatch reports The New York Times will publish eBook fiction and nonfiction Best-Seller Lists beginning early 2011. This after a decade of the …

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A Slippery Slope at Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble has announced their latest scheme to increase sales (and PROFIT) and offset the (sometimes) high price of eBooks. reports that B&N is set to release a Danielle Steele novel FREE to download but there’s a catch. Advertising will be built into the pages. They assure the readership that the advertisements will …

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Readers Go After Amazon Writers!

Thanks Jorgen for a link to this post that follows the struggle over eBook pricing. This adds to a previous story where Amazon’s UK Kindle store caved to publishers’ demands to take control of their own over-pricing. Now the readers are fighting back.

The Novel from Pandigital

Here’s another new Color eBook Reader coming to the market. The Pandigital Novel has a familiar 7-inch color LCD screen, access to Barnes and Noble’s eBook store and runs on the Internet-ready Android. Check out Wireless Goodness’ post on the Novel here.  It’s going to be one wild Christmas for the eBook Revolution.

Agency Pricing Hits Amazon UK Kindle Store

Thanks Jorgen for a link to this story at that describes the agency model ‘invading’ Amazon’s UK branch, despite Amazon’s vow to fight the encroachment. The agency model allows publishers to set their own prices and has already shown an increase in Kindle eBook pricing elsewhere. It’s expected to do the same at Amazon’s …

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FREE Halloween Horror in The Variant Effect: PAINKILLER!

Our friend G. Wells Taylor is back with another FREE eBook offering. This Variant Effect series is getting great reader reviews over at the B&N site. The first eBook (full-length novel) came after a successful serial run that finished this summer. This from the press release: Variant Squad Captain Joe Borland returns in The Variant …

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