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The machines.

Is eBook Piracy the key to a Bestseller?

Many thanks to Jorgen for a link to a FUTUReBOOK story that highlights the continuing debate over online piracy. It seems that the laws aren’t working, and the powers that be are trying to ramp up the legal response to digital piracy and file sharing. That eventuality can only slow the Internet and curb the freedoms of its honest users, despite the fact …

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Sylvania getting into the eBook act. has a post about Sylvania prepping a $100 netbook and a $180 eReader for a pre-Christmas release through the CVS drugstore chain. The Look Book eBook Reader is rumored to have a 7-inch full-color screen, wireless connectivity and access to the Kobobook eBook sales platform. Read the post and view the marketing materials at …

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Barnes and Noble taking the fight to Amazon.

Here’s rather an interesting post at that goes into a little more detail on what we’ve alluded to many times. Barnes and Noble’s 720 retail stores were the envy and nemesis of every book retailer out there, and have allowed it a dominant position in the North American marketplace. Then along came the eBook Revolution …

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Nook arrives on iPhone and iPad

Okay, I know that Barnes and Noble already had an App available for iPhone and iPad, but  here’s a story at Intomobile about their new App rebranded under the “nook” name. It’s noteworthy because it says two things: B&N will continue developing their own nook eReader and they’re committed to an ‘industry-rumored’ move from their numerous (but expensive) …

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Que ProReader lies bleeding, iPad is the main suspect.

We talked about the death of Plastic Logic’s Que ProReader here. Now here’s a story at ALL247NEWS.COM that offers a look at the crime scene. There must be more to the story. It’s starting to be a very crowded eBook Revolution. But it certainly looks like the iPad’s full-color touch-screen and multi-function capability could be the culprit.

FREE eBOOK! and a Popular One by the Look…The Variant Effect!

Okay. This G. Wells Taylor’s been a favorite of mine for a while, first with his free Wildclown novel and now this. He’s been online forever (inked a deal to distribute all his titles with Smashwords) and always trying the angles. Looks like he’s finished The Variant Effect Serial started last October, and now he’s …

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New Readers coming from Sony

Drop over to the Sony Insider to read about the rumored release of two new eBook readers. With so much competition in the explosive eBook marketplace, we knew it was just a matter of time until we heard from Sony. The Sony PRS-650 is said to have a six-inch screen while the PRS-350’s screen will …

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Great times ahead for Authors… Not so great for publishers.

eBook Rumors has been saying for some time that in the face of the eBook Revolution the biggest challenge for the traditional publishers will be remaining relevant. At the author Ray Connolly writes an engaging update on the state of the publishing nation entitled: “Who needs publishers?” Connolly’s premise could not be more true …

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Que ProReader Fades into the Night

ITProPortal posted on the sad news about UK-based Plastic Logic confirming its plan to abandon the Que ProReader, a beautiful device that was headed for the office and boardroom. Read Plastic Logic’s press release here. It’s a sad day for those of us lusting after its sleek lines. After months of delays the rumor mill …

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Is An Amazon Tablet on the Drawing Board?

The New York Times is carrying a rumor suggesting that one look at the job board at’s Lab 126 suggests that the online eBook retailer is getting ready to add more hardware to its arsenal. With Lab 126 responsible for designing Kindle and with Amazon carrying music and digital movies as well as eBooks, do the …

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