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eBook formats listed and discussed.

Kobo Color eReaders Dominate

Android Police reports that Kobo’s new Color eReaders are selling out fast. Could a new eBook Revolution be in the making?

Meebook M103 e-Note Now Available in China

GoodeReader posted about the 10.3-inch Meebook M103 e-Note that’s now available in China.

Kobo eReaders Can Now be Repaired

Notebookcheck reports that Kobo eBook Readers can now be repaired. iFixit has instructions and the required parts.

Google Play Books Offers 300+ Free Children’s Titles

Android Police reports that Google Play Books is now offering 300+ children’s titles for FREE!

New Apple iPads Launch in May

Engadget reports on Apple’s May launch of new iPads,

Affordable Kobo Clara Color eReader is a Winner

TechRadar takes a look at the affordable new Kobo Clara Color eReader.

Rakuten Kobo Clara Color eReader Reviewed

GoodeReader reviews the Rakuten Kobo Clara Color eBook Reader.

Honor Pad 9 Pro Tablet Reviewed

Notebookcheck reports on the upgraded Honor Pad 9 Pro tablet.

Are eReaders Due a Boost in Storage?

Android Police questions the storage size of current eBook Readers.

Rakuten Kobo Clara BW eBook Reader Explored

GoodeReader takes a look at the Rakuten Kobo Clara BW  eReader.