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Russian platform vKontakte going after eBook pirates

TorrentFreak reports that Russian social networking platform vKontakte is FINALLY cracking down on eBook piracy. The marketplace expected that there would be some eBook piracy, but things are out of control. And up until now, it seemed there was very little being done about it. Let’s hope this is just the first of many efforts to slow …

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OverDrive signs 500 new publishers

Digital Book World reports that industry-leading distribution platform for eBooks and audiobooks OverDrive has added 500 new publishers to its Global eBook Catalog.

Amazon veers away from democratized eBook reading

Techspective continues the discussion about the expensive new Kindle Oasis eReader as Amazon increases the price of reading an eBook by adding bells and whistles few have asked for. The Oasis is a good looking piece of hardware, but the online retail giant has forgotten it once championed the low cost, convenience and accessibility of eBooks. …

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Details leak on new Kindle eReader

The Verge has an update on leaked details (including photos) of the new Kindle eReader.

New report predicts US eBook market to reach $13-Billion by 2020

Talking New Media reports that the US eBook Market will continue to grow to $13-Billion by 2020.

Facebook to become world’s biggest eBookstore?

Digital Book World says Facebook could become the world’s largest eBook discovery and sales platform.

A coalition of public libraries cries foul on publisher eBook pricing

Canadian Public Libraries for Fair eBook Pricing represents a coalition of public libraries that want to expose the rip-off pricing forced on them by publishers.

Indie eBooks sales increase in UK over 2015

Bustle reports that Indie eBooks accounted for 22% of the UK eBook sales in 2015. That marks an increase over traditionally published eBook sales that declined during the same period.

For New eBook Readers!

New to the eBook Revolution? Here are some web sites with Free eBooks. You’ll find a wide selection of classics, contemporary and non-fiction titles. An excellent weekend browse. Bookmark these pages. This has become my favorite with thousands of free titles in a wide variety of trouble-free formats. Just what it says.  A …

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