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Microsoft enters eBook market with $5 credit deal

Betanews writes about Microsoft’s entrance into the eBook market for Windows 10 official store users that includes a $5 credit on every eBook purchased. (Even if they’re priced under a dollar.)


Multi-User eBook Access for libraries

Publishers Weekly talks about a new HarperCollins Multi-User eBook Access offer for libraries.


Free 6-Month membership equals desperation for Amazon’s troubled Kindle Unlimited

GoodeReader reports on another crevice opening up in Amazon’s crumbling “uneven playing field” (aka eBook subscription/sales platform) with the soon-to-be whole-foods giant offering a FREE six-month membership for Kindle Unlimited with the purchase of a new Kindle PaperWhite 3 eBook reader.

So, reading between the lines: Kindle Unlimited’s “Subscription service for eBooks” is so popular that they have to give it away.

Or are they just hoping to increase membership when people forget to “opt out” at the end of the FREE period? (Read the terms of service carefully.)


Project Gutenberg eBooks get updated for eBook Revolution

Lifehacker writes about Project Gutenberg’s eBooks now in the process of being updated and reformatted by Standard eBooks for modern eReaders and Internet browsers.


Four days to use Apple eBook Refund at Amazon

The Verge reports that recipients of last year’s Apple cash refund for eBooks have five (now four) days to use their Amazon refunds.


E Ink’s new foldable displays

Gizmochina highlights E Ink’s new foldable displays. Interesting video of a folding E Ink eReader and E Ink applications at the link.


Knowing your audience creates eBook sales

Digital Book World offers Indie Authors three steps to turn knowing your audience into eBook sales.


eBook Download page made simple

Good Herald offers some tips for Indie Authors and Publishers who need a simple download page for their eBooks.

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