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Kobo App Update Improves Digital Comic Reading for iPhone

GoodeReader writes that a Kobo App update for iPhone has improvements that let you read your digital comics from any angle. (And there’s a “peek at the next page” engine!)


Amazon Kindle Deals Start for National Reading Month

PCMag reports that Amazon is marking National Reading Month (March) with offers of special Kindle Deals beginning on March 3.


eBook Sales Growth Continues in Germany

GoodeReader says German eBook sales increased by 4% in 2017 to bolster the country’s rising position in the European eBook market.


Madrid Names Street After Inventor of Mechanized eBook

The Guardian writes that Madrid is naming a street after educator and writer Angela Ruiz Robles, the woman who invented the first “mechanical” eBook in 1949.


Kobo Mini 2 Heralds Coming eBook Market reBoot

GoodeReader writes about the possible return of the very popular Kobo Mini 2 eReader. More signs of an eBook Revolution reBoot?

Certainly, Kobo’s going to be ratcheting up its game as new-partner Walmart positions the international eBook retailer for a thrust into the US marketplace.


Icarus XL HD eReader Now Available in the US and Canada

GoodeReader reported that the Icarus XL HD eReader is now available in Canada and the US. The Icarus features a 7.8-inch screen with E Ink Carta display and Google Android OS.


Hachette CEO is TOTALLY UNPREPARED for Next Wave in eBook Revolution

GoodeReader reports on Hachette CEO, Arnaud Nourry’s inability to rise to the occasion. The publisher is basically saying that he’s out of ideas as the next big wave in the eBook Revolution approaches.

He must have heard that Rakuten/Kobo and Walmart will sell eBooks into the massive US marketplace, and that Apple is revamping its iBooks (now Books) to take a share of the same Amazon-dominated market.

And to meet the challenges ahead, Nourry says that eBooks are “stupid” and by extension implies that consumers of such products are too.

Maybe he should sit this one out. He’s in over his head and it’s time for round two.

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