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Online book sellers and authors offering affordable options for eBook readers.


The following websites offer a wide selection of Free eBook titles from the classics, to contemporary, and non-fiction. Bookmark these pages! This has become a favorite with thousands of free titles in a wide variety of trouble-free formats. Just what it says.  A huge selection. Project Gutenberg  Their mission statement: to encourage the creation …

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eBook Readers Target for Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display

Liliputing says leaked news of a Lenovo Tab P12 with Matte Display suggests the rumored tablet is angling to encourage eBook reading on the device.

March Money Savers for Kindle

The Verge talks about the most-affordable Kindle deals for March.

Cracking the Chinese eBook and eReader Market

GoodeReader talks about the vibrant Chinese eBook and eReader market.

Onyx Boox Page eReader Reviewed

TechRadar reviews the Onyx Boox Page Android eReader that arrives on the market with access to both Kindle and Kobo eBook stores.

Gifts for Your Favorite eBook Readers

TechCrunch suggests six gifts for the eBook readers in your life. (Yes. We’re heading into that time of year again …)

Kindle Personal Documents Now Sent in KFX Format

The reports that Kindle Personal Documents will now be sent in KFX Format.

Book Printing Post-Covid

Publishers Weekly takes a look at the book printing industry post-Covid. Apparently, legacy publishing’s attempts to price eBooks out of the competition may not be enough to win the game in the long run.  There are too many positives to digital books and the consumers know it.

How to Gift a Kindle eBook

Dignited walks us through the steps of “gifting” someone a Kindle ebook.


New Horror from Indie Author G. Wells Taylor! WELCOME TO THE ZONE BETWEEN THE DOUBLE-HYBRID CRAZY caused total madness on a global scale. Its toxic effects drove the population to extreme acts of violence and destruction that destroyed everything—except the Double-Hybrid. The infection still haunts the ravaged landscape despite a decade passing since survivors first …

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