Legacy Publisher Scam eBook Readers

In a Bookseller article I missed (shame on me), Amy Durant shines some light on the scam being perpetrated by the legacy publishers on the reading public. By inflating eBook prices and fudging the data they’re reporting a drop in eBook sales when in fact, only legacy publisher eBooks are failing to sell.

The Indie authors and publishers continue to grab up market share.


Indie Publish = Yes ~ Exclusive Amazon = NO

AuthorLink Writers & Readers Magazine lists the pros and cons of being an Indie author and/or publisher while pointing out the pitfalls of going exclusive with Amazon.


First Persian eReader “Fidibo” Now Available

GoodeReader reports on Iranian company Fidibo’s launch of its Persian-optimized eBook reader with integrated eBookstore. The first of its kind Fidibo Hannah F1 is now available.


eBook Readers Beat Tablets for Reading

TechLector argues the case that eBook Readers beat tablets for reading. They’re easier on the eyes.


Kobo and Serial Box launch Royal Wedding eBooks

The Bookseller says Kobo and Serial Box plan to launch an eBook series inspired by the upcoming royal wedding.


Microsoft revamping eBook Reading with Update

GoodeReader reports on Microsoft revamping eBook reading with a new April 30, Windows Update.


eBook Sales Increase in South Korea

The Korea Bizwire report “Ebook Sales Push Publishing Industry to New Heights” suggests that the Publishers Weekly talk of declining eBook sales may only apply to the US with South Korean publishers reporting a 17% increase in sales.

The eBook Revolution continues to spread globally as Amazon tries to lock down the US market.


2017 eBook Sales Decline Suggests Market Share is shifting away from Amazon

A GoodeReader post talks about a 10% decline in eBook sales in 2017 that can be directly attributed to the agency model (or price-fixing) where the legacy publishers set eBook prices ridiculously high to drive consumers to cheaper paperback and hardcover sales. It’s important to note that the quoted research is “skewed” because it does not include sales for the massive Indie author and publisher market share.

Is this trouble for everyone or just an indicator that Amazon and the legacy publishers (the big five) are losing their “death” grip on the market? It’s more likely that jaded consumers are tired of the obvious manipulation and are simply clearing the way for the 2018 eBook Resurgence when the other big players, Kobo/RakutenWalmart, Apple and Barnes & Noble, are expected to return to the competition with a vengeance.


38% of US Kids and Teens Read on Tablets

GoodeReader reports that research shows 38 percent of US Children and Teens read on their Tablets.

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