eBook Sales increase in May

Publishers Weekly reported on a 2.4% increase in eBook sales in May of 2017 for the first time in two years.

The eBook format has a loyal following that is only encouraged as the legacy publishers remember the highly profitable early days of the eBook Revolution and begin dropping their digital prices accordingly. Those publishers left a lot of money on the table when they started overpricing eBook titles to drive readers back to paper.

Well, the money’s still waiting.


eBook Designed for Browser Reading

Co.Design posted on a book that was designed for browser reading. Click the title to check out Poetic Computation: Reader by Taeyoon Choi.


eOneBook Dual-Screen Digital Manga Reader

GoodeReader reports on eOneBook dual-screen digital manga reader from E Ink and Progress Technologies Inc.


Dungeons & Dragons goes Digital

Popular Mechanics reports on Wizards of the Coast’s creation of the D&D Reader app and digital marketplace for Dungeons & Dragons accessories. D&D Reader will be available for iOS and Android this fall


Reading eBooks versus Paper books

PhysOrg compares reading paper books to reading eBooks on screens and offers some interesting initial results. (Though drawing more meaningful conclusions will require time and a lot more research into the new eBook technology.)


Amazon Games Publishing/Publishing Games Amazon

Quartz writes about how some criminals, “authors” and “publishers” have scammed Amazon’s Indie publishing system by providing fake reviews, fake reads and fake statistics. All so that Amazon does not have to just sell you an eBook outright and pay the author a fair royalty.

A proprietary system like Amazon Kindle’s that attempts to control the reader and the author by selling you rights to read an eBook rather than sell it to you deserves to be gamed.

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