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I’m a reader, and like everybody else I can see that times are changing for one of the oldest, user friendly technologies  we’ve got.  BOOKS! And that being the case, encouraged by dwindling paperback selection in stores and rising prices, it’s clear to me that Ebooks or eBooks or e-books or Digital Books or whatever you want to call them, are going to be the way of the future.

Sony PRS700 Reader  Pricey at $399.99

I didn’t think I could make the leap. I work on a computer, watch movies and television on screens. I used to swear up and down I’d never use an Ebook or Ebook Reader for fun and relaxation. Then I met one of these. Check out the features here.

The Sony PRS700 Reader Digital Book – eBook Reader

eBook Reader

eBook Reader $399.99!

The E Ink® “Electronic Paper” is a new experience, and is a break for “monitor” eyes. None of that plasma glow, it even comes with a light so you can read in bed or on a flight.

Access to a Sony eBook store comes with it. The eBook prices are high, and I really think that’ll be the only thing standing in the way of these things taking off.

Come on, $24.95 for Stephen King’s The Shining. Nothing personal Mr. King, I love the book but I read it 30 years ago! (Might be time for a discount…)

Anyway, there’s an interesting selection there, though I have to reiterate that the prices are still more than anyone should have to part with for a digital file. (Like they are for ebooks everywhere online.) On the bright side, it guarantees we’ll see them at Pirate Bay.

Regardless, this machine presented very well in a leather case–was easy to use and easy on the eyes and actually got me thinking I could relax with it.

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