Kindle 2 versus iPhone

WOW! This is happening way faster than I imagined. All of it… Amazon’s already being challenged. I’d say “that will teach them” but it won’t. Even eBook prices are starting to drop!

This is the most detailed Kindle 2 review I’ve read so far. Read it here. For good measure, David Berlind of, throws in a detailed comparison with the upstart eBook-reading  iPhone tricked out with Stanza.

Quite an interesting point in this feature. If you break your $359 Kindle, Amazon will send you a new one for a mere $180. That’s an interesting price. It suggests that their markup on new Kindles is way, way higher than 100%.

If they can ‘give’ you a replacement for $180–and we know they’re still making money on that, then the $359 they charge you for a brand new one is INFORMATION HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!

And they don’t even keep them in stock… Yah!

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