BeBook 2

 It’s amazing…I don’t know how this has happened! But there are second-generation eBook Readers out there other than Kindle 2 …  BeBook 2 e-reader is revealed at CeBIT 2009! Read the story here over at

No slouches at one-upmanship, BeBook 2’s creators (Endless Ideas) are dropping it on the market at a yet undisclosed price, but we’re watching to see if it stays under or near BeBook 1’s introductory price of $279.99 ($80 less than Kindle 2.)

And to even the playing field they’re releasing it tricked out with WiFi and 3G! On top of that, they’re not forgetting owners of the original BeBook. Click here and read that they’re promising a firmware update and WiFi-enabling SD card so users can shop at eBook stores and collect RSS feeds.

God! This stuff’s just exploding, yah?

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