Barnes and Noble Stops Drinking DeCaf…

All right. They’re waking up over at Barnes and Noble. I hate to say I told you so, but Dec. 30, I kind of inferred it so, in my mildly catty way, that the old flagship Barnes and Noble was missing the boat.

Read this story. Barnes and Noble has acquired Fictionwise (15.7 million cash) in an effort to ‘ramp up’ their own electronic book store this year. (In place of ‘ramp up’ I’d put, ‘recreate because we were sadly lacking in foresight and imagination’…)

What’d I tell you about the arrogance of the status quo? (Now I’m sounding catty, yah?)

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  1. […] of electronic books. So Kudos there. But one wonders if their recent acquisition by foot-dragger Barnes and Noble has not started to go to their heads, yah? Stating the obvious just makes you look dull or […]

  2. […] year they had abandoned eBooks and now they’re in catch up mode. Read about the acquisition here. After purchasing Fictionwise to handle the sale of eBooks, they’re now making their own […]

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