Blast from the Past

This article about eBooks and eBook Readers from the snooty bastards at Time Magazine got my dander up. Read it here.

I don’t offer it to venerate the snobbish tone, but to illustrate the kind of mocking resistance eBook and other technologies face from the establishment. (When I say “establishment” I mean, powers-that-be, status quo… that type of thing.)

Any journalist who can write: “Readers under 30 are scarce. They were raised on spending time on PCs and playing video games. Many are under-educated and can barely read at all,” is playing with generalizations that discount any value one could find in the article. And frankly, it shows a lack of respect for Time’s readership, many of whom have raised these “under-educated” under 30’s.

It’s also important to note this piece was published on Time’s online presence–a presence that I’m sure was predicted to fail by similar insecure pundits …

Also important to note that Time is a partner of CNN’s… yah? And they’ve got to be a bit nervous, since a company with a parent so entrenched in the digital world (TIMEWARNER) should have been out of the blocks long ago with its own eNews reader… 

Can you say: asleep at the switch?

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