First iPhone, now this rumored challenge to AMAZON’s attempt at eBOOK EMPIRE!

Over at the you can hear rumbling that is being felt deep inside the Amazon, and might be the reason the tribe there is getting ready to launch a new touch-screen Kindle 3 in the fall.

The growing phenomena of iPhone & iTouch eBook reading has the people at Apple watching with great interest, but what are they doing? There’s a rumor in the pipe (read it here) that they’re going to be bringing out a bigger version of the iPhone or iTouch architecture, a tablet, for reading and display. It makes perfect sense and might be just what the languishing large format, newspaper and comic book publishing industries need.

There is also a rumor that they’ve been secretly converting truckloads of books into text for the possible launch of an Apple eBook store.

I’d say I’ll be watching with bated breath, but that always sounds like I had tuna for lunch. Yah?

We’ll find out more March 25th when Apple has scheduled a BIG announcement.

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