Barnes and Noble’s eBook Store is Closed

I took it for granted that every modern bookseller would be moving into the eBook market by now. I visited Barnes and Noble to dig around their digital book bag and see how they’re pricing eBooks. (I know’s over there breathing heavily, but they’re so integrated with KINDLE it’s hard to mention one without the other…and I already mentioned Kindle in the eReader section—more about Amazon later…) I was surprised to find that Barnes and Noble’s eBook store is closed. Check the link to see for yourself. Unbelievable! They discontinued sales of eBooks back in 2003. Apparently, they’re still expecting the eBook and eBook market to go the way of the dodo—maybe they think all these newfangled computers are marked for extinction too. And they’re still out of it! I’ll give them marks for consistency, if a failing grade for lack of imagination. They have since bought Sterling Publishing, and have got a publishing service going. (I noticed they do not receive electronic submissions from authors either, so you can tell they’re keeping up with the times. Yah! Consistent…)

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