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I was hoping to start some serious conversations about eBook pricing, so I began my research digging around a bit over at and focused a search on fantasy and scifi, thinking those readers would be most likely to dig reading eBooks in the first place. You know, the whole future tech, I’m a silicon zombie kind of thing. And that being the case, I thought I’d find the best prices…since they represent a market that is already sold on tech and most likely to buy in…

There was the hint of realistic pricing in the FANTASY section:

Dark Desires After Dusk
By: Cole, Kresley
Published by: Pocket Ebooks  Price: $6.99

But it suffered ridiculous mood swings:

From Dead to Worse
By: Harris, Charlaine
Published by: Ace   Price: $24.95

And under the science fiction section I found one price closer to the mark:

Alien Assignation
By: Redmond, Jeffrey – Published by: Double Dragon Publishing   Price: $5.99

Everything was going well until:

By: Clarke, Arthur C.; Baxter, Stephen – Published by: Ballantine Books  Price: $25.95

WOW… Jesus, Arthur C.! Isn’t that a lot of money for an eBook, a digital file, a megabyte of information? When you figure in the cost of the eReader…

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