A Word or Two about eBook Rumors…

As in the case of most relatively new technologies, I’ve found those people who’ve made the leap and purchased an eReader now either love or hate the device.

And like most new tech, the companies developing them are trying to corner their part of the marketplace with dreams of capturing the entire world. And from that avarice comes the detestable fact that eBooks and eBook Readers are too expensive and they do not operate very smoothly cross platform.


From my research I’ve found that people are generally ready for eBooks. Even died-in-the-wool, cardigan-wrapped readers and writers are starting to think they might use such a device. (Can you imagine?) But one thing is clear: the eBook revolution is underway.

No stranger to revolutions, horror master Stephen King describes some of the finer points of his Kindle in a recent article. To paraphrase he acknowledged it was all about the story. The rest is just a delivery system.

But people are holding back, waiting for that perfect mix of price and product. And we’re all much more tech savvy. We know that prices today will be lower tomorrow, just as a software obstacle on Monday becomes an asset by Sunday. We know that the driving force of technology is change. And something as revolutionary as changing the way we enjoy books, newspapers and magazines will draw vast sums of money while it changes cultural paradigms. But it will be adopted, and that will provoke competition. Competition will improve the devices, eBooks and selection while driving the prices lower.

And when people climb aboard, everyone’s going to develop a different relationship with the machines and software they buy, yah? (That will likely provoke a literary version of the PC/Mac or is it Mac/PC wars…god help us.)

That being the case, I’m hoping that eBook Rumors and contributors can focus on getting the features on these devices and software (product) straightened out, listed and compared. 

In the end these machines are going to change the way we do some very basic things, and will revolutionize one of the oldest and most approachable technologies–books. Such a process deserves our attention, yah?

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