More Consumer Control from Amazon

Someone please tell me how the behavior of this ‘legitimate’ corporate entity is more benevolent, more creator and consumer sensitive than the torrent services offered at Pirate Bay?

Interesting story follows  exposing Amazon’s ulterior motives for Digital Rights Management and their Whispernet. I think we’ve all dated a control-freak like this.

The story follows an individual who was buying eBooks remotely from, and returning items he was unhappy with. Amazon thought his return-rate was too high so they suspended his Kindle account effectively wrecking half the $359 Amazon Kindle eBook Reader’s functionality.  Read the whole shocking story at Gizmodo here. I mean, the guy bought their machine…and then they put the boots to him, yah?

While reading this article repeat the words: Pirate Bay! Pirate Bay!

Little wonder file sharing is such a roaring success. Amazon’s as much as promoting it here.

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