Automotive tires and eReaders…makes sense… Now give it a name!

This is an amazing piece of machinery from Bridgestone (the tire makers, yah…). Read about the 13-inch color e-paper display that handles pen input at here. There’s a quick YouTube video link that’s worth seeing where the guy writes right on the screen. Very cool.

Maybe it takes a tire company to come up with an innovative approach to the eBook Revolution. Up until now, color eReaders in development have looked like slightly modified versions of the regular black and white eReaders. This machine from Bridgestone knocks all those preconceptions aside, and frankly looks perfect for reading eBooks, and more importantly with its full color depth is ready to display the fine photography found in  eMags and large format publications.

Excellent! I wonder if they’re going to get into mousetrap design…

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