Slide format A into eBook Reader B?

Our friend Jorgen dropped off another link to a story at The Register that attempts to sort out the compatibility issues of eBook Selection, Distributors, eBook formats and eBook Readers. Good luck, yah?

It’s a good read, but it’s also suggesting that the reliance on proprietary format is going to do anything more that create eBook pirates and eventually spawn an omnivorous eBook reader that ingests all formats.

Proprietary format = locked books, limited selection & high prices. Proprietary formats will not survive the eBook Revolution.

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    • jorgen on November 23, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    “eventually spawn an omnivorous eBook reader that ingests all formats”

    Very true. This could actually also be accomplished through third party firmware like the public domain firmware at It looks very interesting, but does unfortunately not exist for my BEBOOK Mini reader (= Hanlin eReader V5).

    You can check if your reader is supported at

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