Barnes and Noble’s eReader App for iPad.

Take this link over to ZDNet if you’re interested in Mobile Gadgeteer reporter Matthew Miller’s first look at Barnes and Noble’s eReader App for iPad.

Again, I want to take my hat off to B&N for embracing the eBook Revolution, and to Apple too, for allowing this feature and the broader selection of titles it will give readers.

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    • jorgen on May 30, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Are they really embracing the ebook revolution? If they had used standard Adobe epub, I would have agreed. Instead they developed their own DRM, thus creating confusion on the market and limiting which platforms you can read your books on (unless you are willing to become a criminal and take their DRM off). I see Adobe epub as the standard for epub; it is the format you can read on many readers (Sony, Astak, bebook, KOBO etc).

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