Cybook available from Bookeen

Okay. I had no idea! They’re coming out of the woodwork now.

Cybook New Edition is available from Bookeen. It uses e-ink, has 512 MB internal memory storage. For full product specifications, images and price just click here here.

It will cost you $350 dollars for Cybook Model: CYBGEN310BS – non-deluxe model. Still too much for wide adoption, but the growing competition will begin to force the price down. Yah!



They offer a battery guaranteed for 8,000 page flips–roughly 80 pages per day. Also say that Cybook e-ink display does not consume power as long as it displays the same page. Others make the same claim, so we’ll find out if it’s a myth one day.

Read full hardware specifications here:

You can find a detailed list of software specifications here. Cybook will read mobipocket PRC, Palm Doc, html, txt and pdf.

And this is really the tip of the iceberg. eReaders have been put on the top five things you “must have” in 2009. Can you believe it? It’s an Invasion!

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