Borders Announces a $119.99 eBook Reader.

Here’s a link to MarketWatch where you’ll find a Borders’ press release announcing the book giant’s plans to dive into the eBook Revolution. Not only are they forging ahead with links to Kobo’s eBook Store and low-priced eReader, Borders is planning to release a $119.99 eBook Reader to fit into a “good, better, best” suite of hand-held devices designed and priced to each reader’s taste.

The $119.99 Aluratek Libre eBook Reader uses Reflect Light LCD technology in its 5-inch black and white screen that allows super-fast page turns without backlighting. I’m interested to see this technology in action because it brags about being soft-on-the eyes without E Ink’s reported flickers and flashes during page transitions.

That “good, better, best” selection is just the thing we need to throw the eBook Revolution into high gear.

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