Is Foxit eSlick Reader the CHOSEN ONE?

A Real Contender

A Real Contender

Ok… why aren’t we hearing more about this little gem?
The Foxit eSlick Reader is calling itself: “this generation’s way of reading textbooks, favorite novels, magazines and pretty much any…etc.”

 With an introductory price of $229.99 (MSRP) $259.99 they might be right.

Like I said, why  haven’t we heard more about this? While it’s still a good hop, skip and stagger away from my $100 line in the sand, it is a giant leap ahead of the competing eBook readers that are pushing and passing the $400 mark. And it’s doing everything the other guys are doing.

It is 0.4″ thick, 6.4 ounces, and is said to fit the hand like a palm desktop. With a 128MB internal memory and coming equipped with a 2 GB SD card (supporting up to 4 GB) this thing is ready to rock your eLibrary.

eSlick uses the electronic paper we’re coming to know and love, and boasts industry leading low-power consumption.

Check here for the Foxit eSlick Reader overview.

For the business person, lawyer or writer, eSlick also claims to give the best PDF reflow capability on the market. Dig this, it doesn’t just read these formats: TXT, PPT, DOC, XLS, and HTML, it will convert them to PDF files for printing. WOW!

If that isn’t enough, it arrives equipped with built-in MP3 player, free Foxit Reader Pro Pack, Foxit PDF Creator and earphones.

Click here to see video of this super-reader in action. I think the gloves are coming off, yah?

*This just in: An upgrade to higher quality screen will make the eSlick available in early March now. Pre-order with a $50 deposit and lock in the introductory price of $229.99 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

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