J.K. Rowling considering a move to digital.

The Hollywood Reporter says Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling is getting ready to sign onto the eBook Revolution. She has giving lots of reasons in the past for dragging her feet, and now eBooks have given her about 100,000,000 reasons to get aboard.

Now that post suggests Rowling’s involvement will change the eBook Revolution as we know it, even likening her move to the Beatles songbook moving to iTunes. Not sure that’s a level playing field, or that her involvement will be as transformative as the article suggests, but it will certainly get the kids reading eBooks.

If nothing else, it will be another reason for traditional publishers to keep their eBook prices too high. (Unless she’s going to Indie publish them and take 70% of the profits…) You can bet her publisher is keeping the lid on that bit of information.

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