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Online book sellers and authors offering affordable options for eBook readers.

The eBook Revolution in the UK

InternetRetailing has a post outlining the eBook Revolution’s impact in Britain. Looks like things are progressing in the same explosive way they are happening in North America. Mainstream adoption is underway!

What’s the Best Price for an eBook?

We’ve been recommending lower prices for eBooks for years now. Here’s a detailed EvilGeniusChronicles post that provides some sensible numbers. I have to say that the market will indeed have its say on the graphs and figures cited, but a price range of $2.99-5.99 is what we’ve been thinking for a full year now. Despite …

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The eBook Revolution Continues to Grow

This Los Angeles Times feature on the future of reading starts to describe the shifting ground in the publishing world. Now that technology allows writers to bypass the old publishing paradigm and basically cut traditional publishers out of the loop, more and more established authors are seeing this as an opportunity to increase their profits …

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Smashwords Indie eBook Author Makes Sales Records

Here’s an interesting post and interview over at Stuart Aken’s blog, about the recent success of an indie author. We mentioned Smashwords before, the eBook publishing platform for independent authors and small publishers that was way ahead of its time. Well, here we’ve got Smashword’s founder Mark Coker interviewing indie (& Smashwords) author, Brian S. …

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Readers will pick the Bestsellers in the Digital Age

Many thanks to Jorgen for dropping off a link to an interesting piece at ProspectMagazine called “Do writers need paper?” As I said, it’s interesting and covers a wide selection of topics that are especially of note as all reports show the eBook Revolution growing beyond our wildest dreams. While I feel sorry for the …

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eBook Piracy Shifts into High Gear!

Many thanks to Jorgen for dropping by with a link to the and a chilling story by Adrian Hon about the current state of eBook Piracy. (At least in his opinion. I, for one, think the wider public is less comfortable with piracy than Hon speculates.) I do agree, however, that the reasons for …

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eBook Sales Incentives – eBook Bundles

Our friend Jorgen dropped by with a link to a post at that offers some common sense incentives that could make the eBook buying experience more familiar and profitable for the consumer, publisher and eBook Store alike. The idea of bundling and cross-selling titles is nothing new, but it seems some eBook retailers are …

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eBooks Cost More than Hard Covers?

More screwy pricing news at Amazon from Mercury News that reports a couple of digital bestsellers hitting the Information Highway priced higher than their paperback equivalents. Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants from Dutton was priced $19.99 for the eBook and $19.39 for the hard cover. And publisher Little Brown & Co. marked their Don’t Blink …

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Publishers Driving eBook Prices out of Affordable Range

Thanks Jorgen for a link to this Salon story by Dan Gillmor outlining the lose-lose scenario that publishers have foisted onto the public by taking pricing away from Amazon and other book sellers, and switching to the more expensive agency model that is now showing eBooks priced higher than their physical paper equivalents. It’s an …

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The Future of eBooks Now.

A great link here from Jorgen to a post called: “We’ll all lose money. And then we’ll learn.” An informative piece that updates the constantly updating eBook marketplace as it relates to pricing, author profits and piracy. I think the goal is clear when dealing with piracy and file-sharing: “Affordable pricing is the key.” …

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