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Then Amazon Kindle 2 Drops in Price to $189

I’m sure they’ll say they thought of it first, but Amazon has now dropped the price of their Kindle 2 eBook Reader with Whispernet 3G from $259 to $189 hot on the heels of Barnes & Noble’s nook dropping in price to $149 for its WiFi-only nook and $199 for its 3G WiFi nook. Read …

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The Barnes and Noble nook for $149

Looks like Barnes and Noble is making another exciting move marking the price of their nook down to $149 while offering an optional $199 3G model. This will absolutely heat things up this summer, and I can’t help but think this is the work of Kobo’s $150 E Ink eReader. The $149 nook doesn’t just beat …

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Kobo Now Available Everywhere

The Financial Post has a story about eReading platform Kobo announcing their services now extend to any Android-enabled smartphone. On top of a desire to share their eReading experience anywhere on any machine, their open standards allow customers to access and read their selections on any device. When linked to their $150 eBook Reader, Kobo …

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Has Google Editions Won the eBook War?

Many thanks to our friend Jorgen who provided a link to an interesting discussion over at about the future of eBooks on the web and the trouble with DRM. The post by Tom Williams ponders whether Google Editions has already won the eBook war with their cloud-based eBooks versus the proprietary formats offered by Amazon, …

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Paper Books to Go Extinct?

The Huffington Post offers a thoughtful piece by Steve Leveen about the past and future of reading entitled: “Will Paper Books Go the Way of the Silent Film? Change in the Air at BookExpo America” inspired by remarks from an industry insider speaking at the recent BookExpo in New York. It’s a well-written piece worth the click.

Consumer Report on eBook Readers

Bright Side of News has a summary of a Consumer Report review of eBook Readers. Not a lot of surprises, but it’s nice to see that eBook Readers are mainstream enough to rate some ink from the non-profit, independent, subscription supported, rating organization.

Low-Priced books Lead in iBookstore sales.

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. “Well, that ain’t news…” Check out the story: “Discounted books rule on iBookstore.” They can spin this around the word “discount” all they want but the real story is that lower-priced eBooks outsell higher priced. It’s not rocket science. Publishers have to stop “discounting” titles and just start …

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The BeBook Neo eBook Reader reviews the BeBook Neo eBook Reader at the jump. At $329 Neo is no Kobo eReader, but it might represent some of the choice that is slowly forming in the eBook Marketplace. In my estimation, I think Borders is right on the money with their planned Good, Better, Best selection of eBook Readers. People who …

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A Couple Recommendations for Amazon’s Kindle

Thanks Jorgen for this link to a post at Seth’s Blog entitled: Paperback Kindle. The article includes some excellent recommendations for Amazon to consider if it wants to be top dog in the eBook Reader marketplace, especially as the flashy iPad eats up ground the internet book giant has held since the start of the …

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