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Nook Simple Touch gets upgrade.

Liliputing reports that Barnes and Noble’s inexpensive Nook Simple Touch E-Ink eBook Reader will soon receive an update that will include web browser and email client.

Full color Kindle coming?

Watch for a color Kindle eReader on the horizon. CNET says Amazon has purchased Liquavista (formerly owned by Samsung), a company that developed low power electrowetting displays. Check out the link for the full story and video.

eBooks and “books” to coexist in new marketplace.

Publishers Weekly says the publishing industry has room for more than eBooks suggesting “paper” books will be around for a long time to come. Before we crack open any champagne, remember the illegal price-fixing and market manipulation pulled by Apple and the big six publishing co-conspirators designed to slow down the adoption of the popular …

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eBook prices on the rise…temporarily.

Digital Book World updates us on recent eBook price swings but suggests the increases will only be temporary. More ups and downs are expected as the market matures.

Reeder for Mac and iPad now FREE!

MediaBistro’s AppNewser reports on a possible replacement for the now defunct Google Reader that can deliver the same services without the cost. The Reeder’s iPad version is currently free.

Pressure on Kobo and Sony to Compete.

GoodeReader has a story on how the competition is getting tough for eBook retailers Kobo and Sony in light of Amazon’s planned acquisition of GoodReads.

Educators create low-cost, high quality eTexts!

GoodeReader reports on a grassroots effort by educators that created low-cost, high quality eTextbooks for students.

Digital Publishing Updates

Mediabistro reports that almost half of Americans plan to buy an eBook this year. Digital Book World says publisher Simon & Schuster is bringing anti-piracy data to authors. Anything to sink their hooks deeper into their stock of writers. The Economist posted on developments in electronic lending and libraries. The challenges continue. GoodeReader reports that …

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Blio restructured to form Media Arc

GoodeReader says that eMusic and K-NFB Reading have teamed up to restructure audio book and technology provider Blio to form a new entity Media Arc.

Book eRetailers outsold US bricks and mortar retail stores in 2012.

Digital Book World cites Bowker Market Research that says online “e-Retailers” sold more “books” in the US than bricks and mortar retail stores for 2012.