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Harvard Book Store to bundle eBooks through Shelfie

Digital Book World says that the Harvard Book Store will bundle eBooks through a select partnership with Shelfie.

Calibre 2.56 offers fixes

Softpedia reports Calibre 2.56 eBook Management Tool upgrade offers new options, sources and fixes bugs.

Scammers scam Amazon while Amazon scams authors

Observer Business and Tech offers an update on the scammers scamming Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It turns out that Amazon was lying and scamming its legitimate authors and readers all along with false claims of actually knowing the number of pages read (and paying authors for those). It turns out that all Amazon actually knows is the last page …

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Publishers not falling for Kindle Unlimited trap

GoodeReader writes about Amazon trying to coax publishers and agents into the Kindle Unlimited all-you-can-eat (kinda) eBook subscription service. It isn’t going to happen. The traditional publishers don’t want in, even if they’re offered perks and their titles do not have to be exclusive, because Kindle Unlimited has already snared a lot of the unpredictable Indie eBook competition …

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Supreme Court passes on Google book copying case

Digital Book World reports on the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to review the fair use finding in the ten-year-old book copying case against Google.

OverDrive signs 500 new publishers

Digital Book World reports that industry-leading distribution platform for eBooks and audiobooks OverDrive has added 500 new publishers to its Global eBook Catalog.

Amazon Kindle Oasis sleek but not cheap

Mashable posted more on the new Amazon Kindle Oasis that offers a sleek design and improvements for up to $379.00 (without ads).

Barnes and Noble outsourcing some Nook eBook services

Venture Beat reports Barnes and Noble outsourcing some of its Nook eBook services to Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) in India.

Integrated light for Energy Sistem Screenlight HD eReader

GoodeReader offers an unboxing video of the Spanish Energy Sistem Screenlight HD eReader.

Facebook to become world’s biggest eBookstore?

Digital Book World says Facebook could become the world’s largest eBook discovery and sales platform.