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iWriteReadRate: open community for readers and writers.

DigitalJournal introduces some competition for GoodReads by way of, another social networking community that revolves around the written word.

eBooks Headed to the Classroom.

The Lantern wonders whether the eBook Revolution will win out over hard copy textbooks in schools and learning institutions, or if there will be a place for both. The answer to this one rests in the quarterly profits of publishers and the balance sheets of educational institutions. It is cheaper to produce the eTexts and …

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Some eBook Revolution headlines for February 15/12

MocoNews reports on an interactive eBook publishing platform coming FREE from Inkling. DigitalJournal says eBook sales in Britain are beginning to offset the decline in print title sales. The Bookseller posted on U.K. bookseller Foyles getting into the eBook Revolution by launching its own FREE eReading apps with access to 200,000 titles. And GoodeReader has …

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eBook Revolution Update.

PDF Devices reviews the Pandigital Novel eReader. reports that Apple’s eTextbooks might just be too good to be true. Propriety format = bad for eBook Revolution. MobyLives wonders whether bundling eBooks with hard copy is a good idea. …and check out this PRWeb release about newcomer Booktango’s “Widest eBook Distribution and Best Royalties” offer …

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eBook Revolution News for Friday

MarketWatch has a story about “Sesame Street” releasing a series of books for Nook Tablet and NookColor. BesteReaderReview gives the lowdown on the Kindle Fire. GoodeReader says Graphicly is offering cross-platform eBook distribution to streamline publishing for Indie authors. PublishersWeekly reports that Random House will commit to eBook Lending if libraries pay a higher price.

E Ink eReaders are faster than they look…

Here’s a very interesting story and video at Liliputing where a ‘hacked’ Sony PRS-T1 Reader running Google Android shows the true potential of E Ink displays.

eBook Piracy will continue to grow until fair prices are adopted.

ITProPortal reports on the surge in eBook Piracy leading up to the first mainstream eBook holiday buying season. We’ve said for years it’s a simple cause and effect relationship. Until the price of (legal) eBooks comes down to what the market will bear, then pirate or rogue sites will offer lower priced versions, and the …

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Illuminate an eBook reader’s Holidays.

Slashgear posted on Flex Lighting’s integrated light for E Ink eBook Readers. One of the charms of the E Ink eBook Reader is its near perfect reproduction of the printed page. Unlike other computer screens there is no ‘back lighting,’ so the devices need external light to read. That makes them perfect for reading by …

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eBook News and the Holiday Countdown

GoodeReader speculates about eBooks receiving mainstream acceptance in the post “eBooks Finally Getting the Love they Deserve?” The Register reports on the probe into Apple helping 5 publishers breach competition rules. SecondAct offers a guide for shoppers on the hunt for the best eBook Reader.

High eBook prices drive eBook Piracy.

CanadianBusiness offers a story on unreasonable eBook pricing. It’s something we’ve talked about since the beginning of the revolution. The big publishers have to drop their prices or encourage eBook Piracy. Nobody buys their story that an eBook costs just as much to produce as a paperback.