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A growing list of web sites that sell eBooks. Pros and Cons...

The Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Reviewed

At $120 the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader is the “good” part of Border’s online eBook store “Good. Better. Best.” selection of eReaders. Unlike the other book giants, Borders has not released an eReader of its own, and instead sells a suite of options to keep their focus on selling eBooks. It’s an excellent move, and one that I …

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Summer Holidays – eBook Reading by a Lake

You’ll have to forgive another week of missed headlines as eBook Rumors takes a short summer break. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the grab bag of stories below, and be sure to look for fresh rumors and posts the week of July 25th. Enjoy! * Gizmodo Australia is talking about Video-Capable ePaper here. Big opportunity for …

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Are Borders’ Multi-Platform eBooks A Game-Changer?’s Nathan Bomey analyzes Borders’ new eBook Store here and wonders whether its untethered eBook formats are ahead of the curve. Since a consumer can read Borders’ eBooks on any device, it’s easy to see the American book retailer grab its projected 17% share of the eBook market. Especially when pitted against the proprietary, kind of ‘locked’, eBooks sold …

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Jame Patterson’s Sells Over a Million!

The has a report from James Patterson’s publisher, Hachette Book Group, claiming 1.14 million units of the author’s titles have downloaded. Read the story here.

Borders Goes for Device Neutral eBook Dominance

Thanks Jorgen for a link to a story at The Tech Herald that also has the whole Internet buzzing. American Book retailing giant Borders is banking on a multi-platform approach with their new Borders eBook store that will be supported by its Kobo eReader, PC and Mac computers, Apple’s iPad (iEtc.), BlackBerry, Android smartphones and …

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Sony Reader Pocket Edition Price Drops to $150!

We knew it would happen soon. Sony has entered the pricing war with Barnes and Noble’s nook and the Kobo eReader pricing their smaller format eBook Reader (the Pocket Edition) to match the low $150 price tag. Additionally, the larger Sony Reader Touch Edition has dropped to $170 from $200 and the 3G Daily Edition Sony Reader …

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Maturity (or Wisdom?) Driving the eBook Revolution

Here’s a Philadelphia Inquirer story where digital publishing industry analysts suggest the majority of eBook Reader owners (up to 66 percent) are older than 40 with a ‘sweet spot’ group of consumers aged 35-54 developing into a powerful market force. A full set of statistics has yet to be produced, but these early predictions make a lot …

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eBook Reader Review

Top Ten Reviews has a list of the eBook Readers leading the pack halfway through 2010. They’ve got it pretty well laid out for quick comparison, and while I notice Kobo eReader is conspicuously absent, it’s still worth a glance if you’re planning to enter the eBook Revolution.

iPad offers more than the iBookstore.

ZDNet’s Jason Perlow gives us a complete rundown of eBook Reading APPs available for Apple’s iPad in a post entitled “Apple iPad Showdown: Battle of the eReader Apps.” A very thorough article and a must-read for iPad or iPhone users. The iBookstore is not the only game in town.

Book Bloggers’ Stock on the Rise?

The Los Angeles Times’ Carolyn Kellogg reports on those venerable Internet pioneers, book bloggers, finally getting their day in the sun as their ‘vibrant’ online communities start to catch the eye of traditional publishers eager to use the platform for promoting new releases. Read the article here.