HarperCollins moves direct eBook sales to Bookshout

TechCrunch reports that after its dismal showing in direct sales, Harper Collins is outsourcing its retail operation to Bookshout.


Harvard Book Store to bundle eBooks through Shelfie

Digital Book World says that the Harvard Book Store will bundle eBooks through a select partnership with Shelfie.


Over-charging for eBooks hurts market

Talking New Media reports on the impact of publishers demanding unjustifiably high-prices for eBooks and draws a parallel between the sales of magazines at newsstands and through subscriptions.


Calibre 2.56 offers fixes

Softpedia reports Calibre 2.56 eBook Management Tool upgrade offers new options, sources and fixes bugs.


PCMag reviews Kindle Oasis

PCMag posted a review on the expensive Amazon Kindle Oasis eBook reader.


Scammers scam Amazon while Amazon scams authors

Observer Business and Tech offers an update on the scammers scamming Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It turns out that Amazon was lying and scamming its legitimate authors and readers all along with false claims of actually knowing the number of pages read (and paying authors for those).

It turns out that all Amazon actually knows is the last page you read. The scamming fake authors gamed the system by putting links to the last page in their eBooks so when the reader clicked the link, the scammer would collect a full payout for a phony eBook that no one ever actually read.

So, if Amazon can’t be trusted to respect authors and readers enough to tell them the truth, and the scammers are stealing income away from those legitimate authors, can we just dump Kindle Unlimited altogether and start buying and selling affordable eBooks in an open market exchange?


2.9-inch E Ink display for smartphone cases

According to a Liliputing post E Ink has moved from eReaders to smartphone cases with this 2.9-inch display.


Publishers not falling for Kindle Unlimited trap

GoodeReader writes about Amazon trying to coax publishers and agents into the Kindle Unlimited all-you-can-eat (kinda) eBook subscription service.

It isn’t going to happen. The traditional publishers don’t want in, even if they’re offered perks and their titles do not have to be exclusive, because Kindle Unlimited has already snared a lot of the unpredictable Indie eBook competition that was challenging the status quo. Additionally, Kindle Unlimited’s Prime-oriented algorithms have dampened the energy that once powered the emergent Amazon eBook market.

Instead, publishers and agents can see this move by Amazon as a sign that the Kindle Unlimited model is going to fail completely without them. So long as traditional publishers dictate pricing in the wider marketplace, Kindle Unlimited looks like a low-rent answer to a question mainstream readers never asked.

And with Amazon’s habit of changing deals after you sign? No. These publishers have all been burned before, and now they passively reap the benefits of Kindle Unlimited’s toxic effect on Amazon’s vast stock of Indie titles.


China government suspends iBooks and iTune movies

The Los Angeles Times reports Apple customers in China wanting refunds after their iBooks and iTune movies were suspended at the request of government authorities.

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