Dracula of the Apes arrives in time for Christmas

DRACULA OF THE APES Trilogy Swings Into Action (Horror News)

DOTA_bk2_4sizedDracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began. In this horror/fiction hybrid, genre-jumping indie author G. Wells Taylor puts a terrifying twist on a pair of timeless classics. The complete trilogy is now available to download with Book One: The Urn FREE and Books Two: The Ape and Three: The Curse for $3.99 each at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and

In Taylor’s direct sequel to Dracula, we find the count’s Gypsy servant Horvat has been ordered to preserve his master’s body if the worst should ever happen. Van Helsing’s vampire hunters have reduced Dracula to ashes, so his remains must be kept in a special urn and bathed in blood while en route to South Africa where a mysterious ally will see to his resurrection.

But a shipwreck off the African coast casts Horvat and his precious burden into the jungle setting of another literary classic. Dracula’s regenerating body is mistaken for an infant by a mourning she-ape whose son was murdered by an ambitious alpha male, so she takes him back to the tribe to raise as her own. As the orphan grows to manhood, his returning awareness compels him to either embrace his new life in the wild or accept the bloody curse that has followed him for centuries.

Horror and mystery haunt this gripping tale by the author of the Detective Wildclown case files, When Graveyards Yawn and The Apocalypse Trilogy, the Variant Effect Series and Bent Steeple.


Metadata is changing for authors

Digital Book World reports on how changes in Metadata is impacting authors.


Macmillan inks deal with Amazon that may involve subscriptions

Digital Book World reports on Macmillan striking an eBook deal with Amazon that may include subscriptions.


Apple acting for the greater good?

The New Yorker wonders if Apple had altruistic motives behind its price-fixing scheme. (I have a hard time believing that any large corporate entity can make any decision for any reason other than for profit and market control.)


B&N updates Nook app for iOS to 4.0

AppAdvice reports Barnes and Noble updating its Nook app for iOS to 4.0 with new features and improvements.


Things look good for Apple, uncomfortable for Amazon

Gigaom says appeals court judges reviewing Apple’s guilty verdict for its role in an anti-trust suit have thrown some shade on Amazon.


Publishing trends for 2015

Digital Book World talks about publishing trends and opportunities for 2015.


Scribd nabs Tolkien

Talking New Media reports that eBook subscription service Scribd has added titles from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to its catalog including works by J.R.R.Tolkien.


DOJ bringing big guns to Apple appeal is trying to understand why the Department of Justice is bringing a Deputy Solicitor General to the Monday appeal of a guilty verdict against Apple for its part in an eBook price-fixing scheme.


Kobo data raises questions about bestsellers

According to a Guardian post an analysis of data on eReading trends that was compiled by eBook retailer Kobo showed an unexpected split between bestsellers, and the books consumers actually read all the way to the end.

The results are interesting and raise a few questions about the nature of bestsellers.

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