Media Bistro’s Galleycat reports digital book service Shortcovers has formed a partnership with Indie Author and Publisher platform Smashwords. On Nov. 18  Smashwords will start sharing titles from its growing 5,000+ stable of eBooks from Independent talent. 

This is a significant move as Smashwords accesses Shortcovers’ global infrastructure for reading and downloading eBooks across multiple devices (e.g. iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre , Google Android and Sony Reader.)

On top of similar deals with Sony eBook Store and Barnes and Noble, this coalition begins to challenge even Amazon’s distribution might. As it’s described, the eBook-only distribution deal allows Indie authors and publishers to sell directly, globally, without negotiating the sale of foreign printing rights.

They call it “democratizing distribution.” I call it a win-win scenario for the eBook Revolution, yah?

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