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A growing list of web sites that sell eBooks. Pros and Cons...

Genre fiction fuels explosive eBook industry. posted on the interesting trend among converts to the eBook Revolution toward purchasing genre fiction. Long relegated to the back of the book store, it now looks like fantasy, science fiction, horror and romance are fueling the explosion in eBook sales. Despite the fact that genre fiction is responsible for blockbuster movies, television and …

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Storm continues over HarperCollins Library Loan Limit

Many thanks to Jorgen for this link to a story at phillyBlurbs about the ongoing discontent surrounding HarperCollins’ arbitrary decision to limit eBook checkouts to 26 before the library has to repurchase it. Here a Philadelphia library activist protests this blatant cash grab with a petition bearing over 69,115 signatures.

Is there a future for paper books?

Technorati posted on the eBook Revolution, and wonders whether this is truly the end for the paper-based book. I believe there will always be room for both. All publishers need to do is get behind the whole print-while-you-wait technology. They’re really dragging their feet on that.

Upgrade Nook reader, get free eBooks! posted on a great incentive from Barnes and Noble to upgrade your old NOOK device to their new NOOK Touch or NOOKColor eBook Readers. Starting July 1st B&N will throw in 30 eBooks valued at $315 FREE to readers who do the upgrade.

The HP TouchPad tablet – iPad killer?

Time Online reports on the HP TouchPad tablet pitched by its designer as the answer to Apple’s iPad. Time will have to decide. Oh, and Happy Canada Day, to my fellow Canucks!

Update on library eBook lending.

GoodeReader posted on the restrictions that face libraries that are joining the eBook Revolution. Some months ago, HarperCollins fired the first shot by arbitrarily deciding that 26 was the magic number of loans (downloads) allowed on a title before libraries had to renew the eBook license. It looked like a crock then, and it looks …

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eBooks gaining market share.

One News Now’s Culture section updates us on the explosive growth of the eBook Revolution with eBooks gaining market share at an incredible pace–showing a 25% adoption rate in the US.

Finding your focus…

Many thanks to Jorgen for a link to a thought-provoking piece at The Independent on surviving (and reading) in the age of distraction.

Social Networks for Readers

eBookNewser offers a list of reading and eBook related social media networks. They vary from place to place but think book club, fan club and chat forum all rolled into one. Some of these networks have been in place for years awaiting the eBook Revolution and you can tell which sites have set the high …

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New reality versus outdated thinking…

Techdirt offers a post where Indie author J.A. Konrath has a few words regarding the Mystery Writers of America’s outdated thinking, and draws a parallel with some of the mindsets seen among traditional publishers who seem reluctant to embrace the eBook Revolution in its entirety. The truth is the new open digital publishing market has …

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