Of course it’s brand new technology, so they’re still paying for research and development, yah? It’s ridiculous.


Kindle 2 is here. You know I think it’s too expensive. And Stephen King signed on for the pillaging tour with an “original” story of a POSSESSED KINDLE! (Can you imagine a machine with special powers? Honestly, Stephen, can you? This is like the umpteenth time…)

I always say there’s nothing that will capture the imagination of the average Joe like a bajillionaire writer pitching an overpriced eBook Reader during a recession. Go look if you want. New functions, old functions, dreamy new lines… I’m sorry, I just think this is piracy. And worse, it is not priced for the average family. GET REAL!

Amazon Kindle 2 Launch & the King’s Driving?

All the eBook news today will be about the rumored launch of Amazon’s Kindle 2.

The word at Engadget.com here is that Stephen King is sending a horror story with a Kindle-twist along for the ride. The world will be watching!


I tell you this much. If I sold newsprint for a living I’d be thinking of changing careers.

Check this out.

Here we’ve got 24-inch eReader, displaying with e-ink, one in black and white, one in color. I’m blown away by this one. This is absolutely incredible!

Forget video books! This is the kind of thing that impresses me, yah?

Here’s the full story at engadget.com. INcredible.

Early Adopters: Start Your Credit Cards!

Ok. You’ve all noticed my undertone of skepticism about old Amazon, but even I’m getting caught up in the promotional campaign that never was.

They’re letting geekdom do it for them, yah?

Ok. Amazon Kindle 2 is coming this Monday, Feb. 9 at 10 a.m. EST. At least that’s the rumor and scuttlebutt.  Get more details by clicking here. Also a nice link to Gizmodo.com’s Live Blog for a play by play here.

It’s also rumored to be priced the same, around $359.00. You all know how I feel about that (it’s too much) but you never know,  maybe the corporate thinking has changed to reflect the tough economic times and to help the consumer, they’ve lowered the price on Kindle 2 so we can all play… yah right!

We’ll get an answer Monday morning.

Worst Idea Ever!

Look okay. I’m usually the first person to get excited about future tech and robots and viewscreens and stuff. But this is just, well see for yourself. Read the story here. Honestly.

Maybe it’s because I’m already embarrassed for writers at those author readings. You’ve got to really be jonesing for your favorite scribe to drop $9.99 for this groundbreaking technology, yah?

A video sample is here at engadget.com.

Profit in Silence

Well, love em or hate em, you’ve got to admire Amazon’s handling of the Kindle. They’ve been notorious for their sphinx-like response to questions about the actual numbers of Kindles sold. They don’t say anything!

Anyone ever curious about Kindle has by now visited the Amazon Kindle page to see that it’s been listed as sold out (or expected to ship in 3 to 5 weeks–what’s the difference?) since its launch.

Now with Kindle 2 supposedly arriving Feb. 9th, we’re finally finding out a couple things. Or are we?

A Citigroup analyst estimated 500,000 Kindles have sold in 2008. That number was determined by analyzing Amazon’s agreement with Sprint. Sprint has the job of supplying Whispernet service to the machines, so in theory this number should hold.

Of course, that is if any of the figures are accurate. We’ve got to remember that since day one Amazon’s been quiet about the actual sales figures. While it’s clear there is a growing market for eBook reading devices, it remains unproven that they’ve lined up to buy that many Kindles for almost $400 each. (by the time taxes and shipping are paid.)

I say that only as a caution. We don’t want our curiosity to drive us to the adoption of expensive technology, when less expensive machines are fast arriving on the market.

Remember, Amazon.com is also trying to justify a $9.99 eBook.  And we all know that’s too much, yah? Treat the figures with caution until we get some kind of disclosure. If Kindle’s the best and most popular on the market, then good for Amazon. I’d hate to see us get manipulated by one of the oldest tricks in the book. (The emperor’s new clothes and Tom Sawyer come to mind.)

Engaget.com has the speculation-filled story here.

eBooks Just Published for Readers and Writers

eBooks Just Published

eBooks Just Published

Here’s a site for readers and writers alike.  

Okay, Readers!  Mark Gladding of Tumbywood Software, an avid eBook reader, created eBooks Just Published as a meeting place where readers like him could find DRM-free eBooks. 

And Writers!  If you’re planning to release Author Direct eBook versions of your work, you can do it here.

Now Everybody! Mark Gladding of Tumbywood Software is also plugging his commercial software Text2Go. Text2Go will convert your eBooks into audio for upload to iPod or MP3 player. Excellent for driving or the commute.

I haven’t had a chance to play with the free trial yet, but it’s a cool idea. Think of that authors, people out there jigging around with your book yakking in their ears. Too sweet! I’ll let you know how it works out, yah?

Great idea!

Mobipocket or Amazon?

We’re all going to have to learn about Mobipocket sooner or later, and since I’ve referenced them a couple times, I’ll provide a link to the whole backstory here.

eBooks and Mobipocket Reader

Visit Mobipocket.com

Amazon bought Mobipocket in March 2005. The company produces a catchall reader for PDA’s called Mobipocket Reader software. The package is free and provides digital publishing and reading tools for a wide range of devices: PDA, Smartphones, cellular phones. Also supports e-Book Readers: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Java ME, BlackBerry, Psion, Kindle and iLiad. Oh, there’s also a version of the reader for your PC.

As mentioned before iPhone (& iPod) is still waiting for its official Mobipocket Reader for the very suspicious reasons mentioned here.

Also, Mobipocket.com offers a huge selection of eBooks for download. Their main pages lists eBooks in Mobipocket format from the getting there price of $7.20 to the unrealistic $24.99. I’m not even going to name that book. What’s the point? $24.99 for an eBook is too much.

However, they do offer a huge selection, and are primed to give Amazon a run for their money. What’s that? Amazon owns them? Of course it does. Oh, well there’s one reason the prices are high. No fair competition to drive them down. Come on people, this technology is ours! There’s no justification for these prices. We have to be careful we don’t buy into this mindset, yah?

If it’s too much don’t buy it. Google around. It will be out there at a reasonable price somewhere.

Printing Costs Driving the Move to Digital

Read this story from the Silicon Alley Insider. They’re claiming that it would be more cost effective for the New York Times to just send everyone a new Kindle.

It wouldn’t surprise me. Haven’t traditional print media been printing their own money for years?

This story is something else. You can read the discussion over at Gizmodo.

Big business has never been against boosting profits. Imagine what they could do with all the money they save on paper and ink. Unless they pass the savings on to the consumer! Yah, right!

Feedbooks.com for Free Books

Wow. This is a cool site. Interesting for readers and writers alike.

Feedbooks.com allows you to select free eBooks in various formats for download. Of course that means you’re getting public domain material, but there’s a growing list of Author Direct eBooks.

It also offers free online publishing for writers. The process takes a few minutes to figure out, and it’s a bit painstaking until  you get going, but it allows you to upload your own books and download them immediately after in various formats for eBook reading. Mobipocket, pdf’s for Adobe Editions, sized for iLiad, etc. Really cool if you’ve ever tried to format something for use on an eReader.

And it allows the multiformat too. I can dig this, yah. If word gets around this could be the Mecca for Author Direct file conversion and distribution.