FULL Sony Reader PRS-300 and PRS-650 Specifications Released

We mentioned the ‘leaked’ specifics a couple days ago. Now  Sonyinsider.com has the full specifications for Sony’s new eBook Readers including price. Check it out here.

At $199, the PRS-300 sets the stage for some real savings  as the other eBook reader designers are forced to respond to that price. Even with the slightly smaller screen and profile, the PRS-300 promises the older PRS-700’s functions and more, all squeezed into a compact new body.

The PRS-600 at $299 offers a size and look similar to its ancestors including a 6-inch E Ink screen. With its ability to allow page-turning with the swipe of a finger, the PRS-600 will clearly capture the imagination of eBook fans.

It won’t be long before these prices start to drop even more, yah?

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    • Jirka Stejskal on September 16, 2010 at 1:04 am

    Unfortunatelly, their sw is still their weak point. Lack of Unicode support is closing the market in Russia, East Asia and Central nad East Europe. Comparing this to Kindle 3 unicode support, this (and not the touch screen) may be bussness breaker for Sony.

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