We all knew this would happen…

I know I’ve been bitching about price. Now we’ve got Borders rethinking their approach to the eBook market. Their first attempt was based on the old adage: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” The full story is here at the Independent.

Ok. Rather than rant about it, I’ll just tell you that they’ve discovered consumers will not do everything they’re told. So linking the Borders’ book experience with an overpriced eBook Reader iLiad, was not that magic mix or “done deal” they anticipated.

That being said, they’re going to come out with a more affordable reader. iLiad sold for $599.99, almost twice the already pricey Sony eBook Reader.

This time I can say I told you so! Yah….that feels good.

Authonomy is an Intriguing Development



Ok. This is one of those things that I hope is true. I mean it almost looks too good to be true. I’ve written, and I know writers, and well, this is a fantastic development that could streamline the process of publishing and open the door for many, many aspiring authors.

If it is, and it looks like the real deal, then we’re starting to see the direct impact of the eBook Revolution on how the traditional publishing industry does business. And kudos to HarperCollins for showing the initiative.

It’s called Authonomy. Visit the site here. Read the break down on how it works here.

The long and short of it is writers are encouraged to use the Authonomy site to network and show off their manuscripts online. These manuscripts are then evaluated by peers and recommendations are made based on the reader reaction and popularity of titles. Then once a month the top books are sent to the Harper Collins Editor’s Desk where they’ll be considered for publication.

This is a fantastic development and perfect timing. HarperCollins has to realize that with the onset of the eBook Revolution, and the relative ease of releasing an eBook under their imprint, that they’ll be able to publish a much larger stable of authors and genres. Fantastic!

Writers and publishers. Check it out! This is incredible, yah?

And the deals continue, the battle is formed…

Can’t we all just get along? I love this stuff. Now Sony’s eBook Reader PRS-700 (a rumored new version is on the way too…) has joined forces with Google’s massive army of digitally scanned works, now converted to epub format. Read the story here or at Techtree.com.

It’s all to get in the face of Amazon’s Kindle 2 attempt at monopolizing the burgeoning eBook marketplace. And it’s going to hurt. Google is allowing Sony’s eBook Store to offer its 600,000 available titles, to compete with Amazon’s 250,000 titles.

It’s early in the game yet, and there’s some discussion over the legality of Google slapping a copyright on public domain works just because they scanned them. And it looks like anybody should be able to offer those works, including Amazon. But that’s something for the rich and getting richer lawyers to hash out many millions later, yah?

I’m still expecting this though. Any minute now, we’re going to hear something from Apple. What are they doing? Come on… their much larger army of iPhone and iPod Touch users are already drafted and tricked out for the battle, what’s the plan?

Fujitsu eBook Reader Raises the Bar…



Or does it? Now, I’m as impressed by Fujitstu’s FLEPia Color eBook Reader, as anybody. It’s a fantastic little machine. Read the story at cnet here. Honestly, it’s going to be as popular as Japan’s new robot girl.

But I think we’re at a crossroads. At $1,000 it’s starting to push the price of eBook reading outside the capabilities of the average family. The other thing is: did they invent a color eBook reader or re-invent the hand-held desktop? I just hope that all the bells and whistles do not create a demand for, well, bells and whistles.

True, we’re in the development stages of eBook Reader design, but must I be able to email or Twitter from every piece of furniture and appliance? In the end, I believe this machines will help drive the price down for practical mulitpurpose eBook Readers, and push the market toward affordable devices tailored to suit the consumer’s need. Yah?

“Bande Dessinée” at the Paris Book Fair


Click to Visit site...

Click to Visit site...

The Paris Book Fair  continues with a shift in focus to the companies Aquafada and MobiLire who have a different take on the eBook Reader. Read the full story at PCWorld here. They’re adapting smaller smartphones with software to display full-page comics and graphic novels on tiny screens.

MobiLire is using a paintstaking process based on methods in use for manga in the Japanese market. Companies there release their strips on phones before committing to publishing them. So far MobiLire has adapted 50 titles for use in trials.

One would think graphic novels and comic strips would be a perfect option for the commute where distractions might disturb the concentration required for reading other digital material like newspapers or novels.  Yah?

Aquafada’s AVE! Comics software runs on smartphones, the iPhone and the BlackBerry, with versions to run on Mac and PC (Windows or Linux). They sell their comics through Apple iTunes for about half the price as the printed versions. Very slick website and interface.

Wattpad.com – Read What You Like – Share What You Write.

Wattpad.com offers eBooks to Mobile users. They’ve got a really interesting and large selection of free eBooks formatted for your favorite device. Not just the old public domain stuff either. (Ever read Moby Dick on a cell phone?) Writers and publishers are using it to show off their wares, and users can add their two cents if they’ve got a hankering. Really kind of cool, yah?

Wattpad says they are “all about reading and sharing ebooks. You can read what you like and share what you write, because the material on Wattpad are uploaded by community members like you. You can upload whatever you want to share – a story, an essay or a joke, and then read it wherever you are even on your mobile phone. Can’t find something? You can request it from other Wattpad members.”

Check it out!


I received this press release late, but there’s still time to get your name into the running. The full release containing contest rules is here.

For the chance to win a FREE SONY eBOOK READER:

“Interested persons can go to The Wild Rose Press website and purchase any of the books listed by participating authors, including Robinson’s titles, Mail Order Husband, A Wife for Big John, An Unbelievable Journey, and Shotgun Bride-The Quinter Brides Book 1. After making a purchase, email the order number to the address listed on the site to be entered in the drawing…” MORE.

The game’s not as straightforwards as bingo, but I like to see the tech being incorporated into traditional advertising and promotion. Cool, yah?

Sony PRS700’s European Vacation

The Sony PRS700 Reader Digital Book – eBook Reader is attending the 2009 International Book Fair at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

You can read the article here at the Sonyinsider.com.

Rather a smart travel plan when considering Kindle 2’s fear of flying. (That’s my thickly veiled aside about Amazon’s unbelievable decision to make Kindle 2 available within the United States and nowhere else. There’s talk of a European upgrade for Kindle in the pipe, but any delay is too long when you look at the seemingly endless parade of new eBook Reading kids rushing onto the block, yah?)

Good for you Sony PRS700 Reader Digital Book – eBook Reader. I’ve used one of these technical wonders and they’re pricey but fantastic! Bon voyage!

Well is it a Netbook, or an eBook Reader?

I’m betting it’s an eBook Reader. More rumblings from the Apple orchard about their Netbook. The full story here at Gizmodo.com.

You’ll find similar whispering here at cnet news. They’re saying the same thing there with a bit more filling.

We’ve already referenced this before here…that quote about truckloads of books being secretly scanned, yah?

But now we’ve got a rumor about Apple ordering 10-inch touch screens from Taiwan… Something’s up, so keep your eyes peeled!

Love at First Sight…

But love, like the price of this beauty, can be a bitch. Brother’s SV-100B Bluetooth document viewer will catch your eye and capture your heart.


Unfortunately at just under $1,500 it’s a better fit for pre-recession economies…even for corporate clientele. But it’s just so damned beautiful!

Read the Engadget.com article featuring specs here, and view the rest of its lovely angles here.

The SV-100B is Bluetooth equipped, with an over 9″ e-ink display and frankly it’s calling my name. They’re saying it’s aimed at business, but we’ll see. This thing would look fantastic on the coffee table.

The SV-100B is the kind of thinking we’re waiting for, yah? Just a pure, unadulterated futuristic, multi-purpose e-Doc reading machine. It’s beautiful. It’s fantastic.

Now if they can knock $1,200 or so off the price I’ll buy.