In Your Face PCWorld!

I never thought I’d get to say it, but there you go. eBook Rumors talked about this on FEBRUARY 21st! And we carried a rumor suggesting Apple had something on the way based on a iPhone all the way back on January 18th.

It’s a good feeling.

PCWorld is finally getting around to talking about the coming Kindle 2/iPhone Death Match here.

(Note: I’m not saying we broke the news, since we were working from other articles and rumors, but PCWorld is usually closer to the edge of the envelope than this. … unless it’s PC bias, yah?)

Pixelar e-Reader Joins In…

What reads any MOBI, PDF, LIT, EPUB, HTML, TXT, PRC, FB2, JPG file and a wide range of free RSS newsfeeds? The Pixelar e-Reader does. reviews it here.

Another contender in the expanding eBook reading market, the Pixelar e-Reader offers a number of the usual suspects including its 6″ x E-ink display set in a robust but stylish body. Read the full specs here. Pixelar is an interesting addition to the race for eBook reading supremacy. They already produce tech that ranges from video picture frames to video baby monitors.

Pixelar eBook Reader

Pixelar eBook Reader

Their e-Reader starts breaking away from the pack with its open source platform so you’re free to read a wide range of digital information, with a capacity to store a massive number of eBooks, digital magazines, and documents, etc. on 512 MB internal memory and 1GB SD card (included) expandable up to 4 GB.

That’s roomy, yah?

Between its massive SD memory storage capability and its USB connect, the Pixelar e-Reader easily transfers your own content or online content to the e-Reader.

Still too pricey at a base of $324 (before adding extras) at least Pixelar’s e-Reader shows that the battle for top dog is well underway.

Whoops… well, how was I to know? It’s Read An eBook Week!

Sorry folks. Turns out this is Read an eBOOK WEEK! Apparently it runs from March 8-19, 2009. How was I to know, I mean, come on… I’ve been busy, and…

But there’s a new technology for you. It’s being celebrated and few of us know. (I’m assuming few of us know…yah?)

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on the oversight. Instead, I’ll honor the week by encouraging you to read an eBook this week. There are some affordable or free eBook links right on this site, so have a look.


This didn’t take long…eReader for iPhone comparison…

…and it couldn’t come too soon. This all reminds me of the early days of digital photography and web design when there were multiple image file formats fighting it out for dominance.

Windows Bitmaps versus GIF’s and TIFFS and little ole’ JPG’s brawling it out in the back alleys of the Internet Highway. While we know the market finally put all of these formats into their proper places, we know who came out on top, dominating both display and printed imaging.

So here is the competition as it applies to iPhones. A comparison of eReader Apps is a must-read over at cnet news. Read the article here.

You know the publishers are blowing a bundle prepping and organizing their backlists in the various formats. They use that necessary redundancy as an excuse, one of the reasons at least for the high prices they’re charging for eBooks. Let’s see if the price drops as the format field narrows. Yah, right!

Okay Q, I can read on it, but will it light my ciggies?

Sony is offering the Ian Fleming Limited Edition Reader Digital Book. Check it out here.

007 eBook Reader

007 eBook Reader

Model Number: PRS-505SC/007  this bad boy is built to enjoy more than it’s intended to break any boundaries. I’m just pleased the technology is already being co-opted by Hollywood… or advertisers… (What’s the difference, yah?)

Next up: Something from Hogwart’s.

BeBook 2

 It’s amazing…I don’t know how this has happened! But there are second-generation eBook Readers out there other than Kindle 2 …  BeBook 2 e-reader is revealed at CeBIT 2009! Read the story here over at

No slouches at one-upmanship, BeBook 2’s creators (Endless Ideas) are dropping it on the market at a yet undisclosed price, but we’re watching to see if it stays under or near BeBook 1’s introductory price of $279.99 ($80 less than Kindle 2.)

And to even the playing field they’re releasing it tricked out with WiFi and 3G! On top of that, they’re not forgetting owners of the original BeBook. Click here and read that they’re promising a firmware update and WiFi-enabling SD card so users can shop at eBook stores and collect RSS feeds.

God! This stuff’s just exploding, yah?

Barnes and Noble Stops Drinking DeCaf…

All right. They’re waking up over at Barnes and Noble. I hate to say I told you so, but Dec. 30, I kind of inferred it so, in my mildly catty way, that the old flagship Barnes and Noble was missing the boat.

Read this story. Barnes and Noble has acquired Fictionwise (15.7 million cash) in an effort to ‘ramp up’ their own electronic book store this year. (In place of ‘ramp up’ I’d put, ‘recreate because we were sadly lacking in foresight and imagination’…)

What’d I tell you about the arrogance of the status quo? (Now I’m sounding catty, yah?)



Blast from the Past

This article about eBooks and eBook Readers from the snooty bastards at Time Magazine got my dander up. Read it here.

I don’t offer it to venerate the snobbish tone, but to illustrate the kind of mocking resistance eBook and other technologies face from the establishment. (When I say “establishment” I mean, powers-that-be, status quo… that type of thing.)

Any journalist who can write: “Readers under 30 are scarce. They were raised on spending time on PCs and playing video games. Many are under-educated and can barely read at all,” is playing with generalizations that discount any value one could find in the article. And frankly, it shows a lack of respect for Time’s readership, many of whom have raised these “under-educated” under 30’s.

It’s also important to note this piece was published on Time’s online presence–a presence that I’m sure was predicted to fail by similar insecure pundits …

Also important to note that Time is a partner of CNN’s… yah? And they’ve got to be a bit nervous, since a company with a parent so entrenched in the digital world (TIMEWARNER) should have been out of the blocks long ago with its own eNews reader… 

Can you say: asleep at the switch?

First iPhone, now this rumored challenge to AMAZON’s attempt at eBOOK EMPIRE!

Over at the you can hear rumbling that is being felt deep inside the Amazon, and might be the reason the tribe there is getting ready to launch a new touch-screen Kindle 3 in the fall.

The growing phenomena of iPhone & iTouch eBook reading has the people at Apple watching with great interest, but what are they doing? There’s a rumor in the pipe (read it here) that they’re going to be bringing out a bigger version of the iPhone or iTouch architecture, a tablet, for reading and display. It makes perfect sense and might be just what the languishing large format, newspaper and comic book publishing industries need.

There is also a rumor that they’ve been secretly converting truckloads of books into text for the possible launch of an Apple eBook store.

I’d say I’ll be watching with bated breath, but that always sounds like I had tuna for lunch. Yah?

We’ll find out more March 25th when Apple has scheduled a BIG announcement.

And They’re OFF!

Ok… I’m just going to put up a couple links to new eBook Readers. Why two at a time? They’re coming that quickly. It’s like everyone in the tech industry has been waiting for the release of Kindle 2, because it’s been one after the other ever since.

The latest development in the evolution of eBook Readers is a trend toward touch screens. Rumor has it Kindle 3 will be similarly endowed.

First: Onyx International of China is debuting the Boox eBook Reader at CeBIT 2009 taking place from March 3rd until March 8th in Hannover, Germany. Here’s the link to the Boox story. There’s a list of specifics as well. has photos and video of Boox here.

When I look at the formats it supports: PDF, TXT, HTML, MOBIPOCKET, EPUB, CHM, PDB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, MP3, and WAV, I’m amazed that it was only a few months ago that some of these designers were trying to create proprietary formats. (Nice try, yah?)

Second: iRiver from Japan is planning to release its own eReader. Read the story here. It’s supposed to handle PDF files and use a simple joystick control. The story doesn’t mention price, but it’s got the look of a machine that is intended for a mass-market.

More to come tomorrow. SONY is up to something with their eReader. That baby’s a sweet ride.